Fiancee Visa

Fiancee Visa

The Russian People..

..won't shake kiss or shake hands over a threshold on Friday the 13th or any other day of the year. not like to whistle indoors for fear of losing all their money.

..feel praising a Russians appearance or a babies health will prompt a knock on unpolished wood or spit three time over the left shoulder.

..don't give knives or handkerchiefs or socks as a gift.

..prefer to never celebrate a birthday early.

..believe it not good to show your newborn baby to a stranger until it is at least 40 days old.

..feel they should not start anything new on a Friday or get your hair cut when a family member is ill or in danger.

..think it's bad to shake hands in a doorway.

..feel a kiss on the forehead is reserved for funerals only.

..never give flowers in even numbers only odd numbers, as odd numbers are for the living even numbers are for the dead.

..for good luck, sit silently beside your suitcase for a minute with friends or family before a trip.

..believe that if you have to return for something, look in a mirror and smile or stick your tongue out before leaving again.

..believe it's customary to drink alcohol at social events and it's encouraged.

..believe if you must give a sharp object as a gift ask for a coin in return.

..feel it's uncustomary to wear your shoes in their house.

..believe that tipping with chocolates is appropriate

..think it's unlucky to be born or married in May.

..feel babies shouldn't have their fingernails or hair cut before one year of age.

..feel visibly pregnant women shouldn't cut their hair.

..feel whoever can bite off the largest bite from a bread loaf at a wedding will be the head of the household.

..believe that if you are with a woman that you are not fully acquainted with yet, don't be photographed with her alone. Get an additional person. Otherwise it will not work between you two, as she's not your wife yet.

..believe if a knife falls down from the table, a male guest will come soon. If a spoon or a fork falls down, a female guest will come soon.

..believe if your left hand itches, someone will give you the money; if your right hand that itches, you will have to give someone your money.

..think if your left eye itches, success will be forthcoming; if your right one itches, a misfortune will happen.

..think that if you go to some place and you see a person coming towards you with an empty bucket, it's a bad sign, unless the bucket has something in it.

..when there's company and you have a silent pause, it's because an angel flew near.

..believe when plates or dishes break it brings good luck.

..feel that if one stands or sits between two people with the same name, a wish it will be realized

..think if you don't recognize your fellow-friend he will be rich

.. believe if you dream something good, in reality it will be very bad in reality and vice versa.

..think that a black cat crossing your way is a bad sign

..believe a leap-year is considered to be difficult and the same is applied to the number 13