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Russian Women, Why They Like Foreign Men

What kind of men do Russian Women like? What do they expect from a relationship with a foreign man? Russian women are not only kind, caring and agreeable, but they are apparently interested in the family more than most women of western nationalities. Another important aspect, though not the most important, is their beauty. They are not only well-groomed, elegant and feminine but seem to enjoy genetic advantages.

The first time I was in Moscow I rented an apartment a few hundred meters from Tverskaya Street. While walking, I saw a group of girls come out of a store. I literally stood there with my mouth open. They were dressed in beautiful summer dresses and all looked like fashion models. "Are you going to a festival?" I ventured to ask, thinking that they might be going to a wedding. But it turned out to be nothing like that. They were simply dressed for a walk. You see, for Russian women it is very important to emphasize their femininity through clothing, hairstyles, and through their demeanor.

What kind of Men do Russian women like? Why are there so many Russian women seeking foreign men? Women from Russia typically prefer older men. So, do not be surprised if a 20-year-old girl finds a 40 year old man interesting. Unlike Western women, who love the perfect athletic body and bold personality, here in Russia, fortunately, other laws of attraction take precedence. For example: a small belly is not a deal breaker. You do not to be a bodybuilder to be sexy to women.

What else do Russian women find attractive in foreign men? For one, a penchant for smiling is very attractive because Russian men never smile. I try to show a positive, sunny side, but not overdo it. Relating to this there is a Russian proverb: "Laughter for no reason is a sign fool." Secondly, your bank account will not be fundamentally important, as anyone who has a car and apartment is considered rich in the new Russia.

What need I say about alcohol? First of all, everyone should know that alcoholism plagues most Russian men. This conditions Russian women to avoid any man who they feel may have a drinking problem. So, do not make a joke about your fondness for vodka, because the lady most definitely will not laugh.

Russian women are easy to approach if you are calm and polite. The chance that you will be summarily sent away before exchanging a few words is highly unlikely. Stop at the entrance of any subway station and look around and ask for directions and help from the first attractive lady that passes your way. The scene may seem weird to you but you must forget all of the strategies to which you are accustomed in your home country. Just select the first nice-looking girl and go for it. The main thing is not to start with a compliment. Ask her if she speaks English, and ask for help, explaining that you are in Moscow for the first time. Once you overcome your modesty, you will feel increasingly confident, just like you are interviewing a long string of beautiful ladies in a fashion show. These Russian women articles contain useful information about how the women live and work, and how to go about dating these women.

Russian women are not waiting for you to whisk them away in a gilded chariot. They do not live a romantic existence where everything is perfect, like a movie. Like women everywhere, they will not give you a broad window of opportunity to earn their trust. So, be careful not to make mistakes such as showing explicit sexual intent or eyeing another charming lady as she passes by your table. Always keep a respectful and gallant attitude toward your date. If the first date does not end with something spicy, do not show the lady any frustration.

I should also add that in the former USSR, all lunches and dinners, especially during courtship are paid by the man. If you meet a girl who can pay for a trip to the movies or for pizza in Russia, forget about it. "Going Dutch" is unheard of in Russia, so don't expect a Russian woman to share the cost of a date. However, you should beware of a woman who seems only interested in what you can buy her. You should avoid big city ladies if you live in a small town.

Typically western women tend to dress more for comfort rather than style. In Russia and Ukraine it is the opposite. A woman will do everything to make herself attractive to you. Even after years of marriage she is likely to find ways to surprise you and keep the passion alive in the relationship. And also, to Russian women, the union of two people, especially if they have children, is considered unbreakable. In other words, being married to a woman from the former USSR, you will probably never be bored.

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