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Russian Women Flirting in Berlin

Red lips, bleach-blonde hair, micro-mini skirt -- this flamboyant image of the average Russian woman as the tramp is one of prejudice. But one thing is certain, when it comes to flirting Russian women have an unfair advantage, they have no inhibitions about expressing their femininity. No one can wear a micro-mini like a Russian woman.

It was raining outside but I was now standing at a bar in downtown Berlin. The bar was strewn with cigarette trays, unfinished drinks and a wide selection of Porsche keys. Sitting at the bar were well-groomed, overweight men, with unbuttoned shirts chatting up red-lipped women in miniskirts. It was a wonderland of pickups, trips into the German night and adventures into the unknown.

The most enchanting of these patrons were the young Russian women, towering in their high heels, with shoulders slim and bare. One "page one" woman dressed in thin fabric swayed back and forth in time with the melodic house music. In contract to the delicate and doll-like effects of her movements, her gaze was powerful and uncompromising. The men surrounding her were entranced, watching with longing and regret. When the woman departed, I overheard one man say "My friend, there goes the quintessential Russian vampira. She will suck your blood and leave you for dead." But the woman left alone.

I have often tried to explain to my circle that to Russian women the expression of sexual femininity is more a celebration of life, than an invitation. Indeed, most westerners do not understand Russian femininity. Russian women flirt more often and more naturally than western women. For them it makes a hard day tolerable. While western women are increasingly seeking emancipation even in flirting, Russians flirt by the rules of the old school, where the man must be the man and make the first move. It is rumored that there is even a "flirt school" in Moscow where women learn the science of being the bad girl and playing the role of the alluring vamp. They are taught to gaze into a man's eyes, twirl their hair and let men be who they are. These informative Russian women articles discuss many aspects of how to go about dating these women.

When I left the bar I noticed that the page one lady was trying to hail a taxi. I offered to help and we stood there under my umbrella for several minutes chatting about nothing. Finally a taxi stopped and as I opened the door I beseeched "Can't we meet again?" She looked up and said, "Absolutely". As she stepped into the car I beseeched again, "But where, when?" Smiling broadly, she answered, "Anywhere -- absolutely." The door shut and she was gone.

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