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      SCANNED April 24, 2018

Russian Women in Lingerie, With Swimsuit on - OR WITHOUT IT!

Can you believe that?!? I cancelled my Russian women membership with them immediately. I will not defend any of the men that did a bad showing towards Russian women before, but there are also guilty people on the other side. There's two sides to any story. I know what my intentions are, whether you believe me or not is up to you...there's no way left for me to prove myself for now...."

Hi Matt,

Thank you for your letter and wishing all men in my country the best in this day. I have bought a lot of presents today and going to give it to my folks, it is 23rd of February - the big holiday for all men in Russia.

Matt, I read your letter and I found something strange with it. I have photos in swim suit too, and so what's wrong with it? I would have sent you some because I have a nice figure, do you not appreciate female figure? Have you ever been to a beach? Have you ever seen Russian women undressed? Are you Muslim? Are you virgin? I don't understand. You are strange it seems to me.

"...Hi Maria-

Thanks for the letter, but maybe there is little misunderstanding between us.

I'll answer your questions..

1. No, I am not a Muslim.
2. Yes, I have seen naked women many, many times before
3. No, I am NOT a virgin. Haven't been for a very long time.
4. No, I am not attracted to Filipino women
5. I like women's figure very much.
6. I live by the beach and I see women in their swimsuits everyday

I hope that answers your questions.

Now, if you want to send me your swimsuit picture, please go ahead and send it. What I said in my last letter is the pictures that were going to be sent to me is through the Russian women dating agency, not by the woman I am writing to. One of the other Russian women that sent me her picture was probably a scammer (that means it is probably someone who is only trying to get money from people)...."

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